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Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy and has been widely used in aesthetic medicine for a number of years. The microneedles penetrate into the deeper layers of skin, resulting in the stimulation of its natural healing process. Extra collagen is produced, causing the skin to look brighter, smoother, and more youthful.  Microneedling is a very safe technique for all skin types.


Our LABpen device is a CE marked FDA approved wireless microneedling device designed to work with LABthetics active serums to induce collagen therapy and aid the transepidermal penetration. The device has been developed with changeable headpieces that create tiny micro-canals to deliver results safely and effectively. Our derma rollers are hand held needling device designed to dramatically increase the effectiveness of LABthetics products by allowing improved penetration of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. 


Our LABpen microneedling training by LABthetics offers continuous professional development certification as part of our aesthetics education training program. The aesthetic education will look into the history and science of microneedling and cover our manufacturer protocols.



All our training is free and optional. Our online aesthetics education program will teach you how to perform and follow protocols using our LABpen microneedling device for safe practice using our cosmeceutical products and transepidermal microneedling serums. On completion you will receive certification and become an authorised skin practitioner using our signature LABpen microneedling by LABthetics. 

In addition to our online training program a classroom based practicle element is available at further cost though one of our Leeds teaching partners.


What will the online program cover?

Audio theory

Treatment and technical demonstration videos 

Protocol training 

Course content

What is microneedling ?

Industry guidelines regarding microneedling

Needle penetration depths of microneedling

History of microneedling

The skin function 

Anatomy and physiology of the skin  

Anatomy of the epidermis

Skin Health 

Skin treatment cycle

NBF - The natural barrier function

The natural moisturising factor

TEWL - Transepidermal water loss

How does microneedling work

What is collagen

Collagen & the menopause

Skin types using the Fitzpatrick scale (1975)

Glogau Scale

Melanocyte Cells

Pigmentation types

PHI - Post inflammatory pigmentation

Causes of pigmentation


Treating skin conditions with Microneedling

sun damage

Treating Acne scaring with microneedling

Treating Rosacea  with microneedling

Treating Ageing skin  with microneedling

The physiology of wound healing 

Reduction of wound healing

Stage 1: Haemostasis  

Stage 2: Inflammatory  phase 

Stage 3: Proliferation  phase 

Stage 4: Remodelling  phase 

Types of microneedling devices

Trans epidermal delivery

Safe aesthetic practice for microneedling procedures

Managing Microneedling complications  

Contraindications to microneedling  

What should my client expect post  microneedling

Post microneedling aftercare

Post microneedling treatment advice

Consent and medical history 

Analysing the skin

Microneedling protocol 

Microneedling protocol depth and speed protocol

Microneedling skin condition protocol 

Microneedling protocol technique 

Dermaroller protocol 

Training available at our LABthetics academy for aesthetic professionals

A transition course already certified in microneedling.


Aesthetics professionals qualified in Level 3 in beauty therapy or above with working industry experience.

Nurse, dentist, doctor, pharmacist.

Medics and non medics

If your qualification does not appear, please do contact us.

LABpen Products

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Clinical Cleanser
Mild clinical cleanser with active ingredients to calm the skin. Milky rinse off cleanser.

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Pro-micro HYDRA
A sterile microneedling solution containing hyaluronic acid and B vitamins.

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Zinc oxide SPF30
A high protection mineral sunscreen suitable for acne, rosacea and sensitive skin.

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Clinical Toner
Mild clinical toner with active vitamin ingredients to calm the skin and remove oil.

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A sterile microneedling solution containing Vitamin C.

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Microneedling packages
Microneedling start up packages available.

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LABpen microdeedling CE marked and FDA approved device suitable for all skin types.

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Microneedling Repair mask
A repairing soothing mask to infuse vitamins after microneedling.

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Complete Dermaroller kit with optional training