Skincare & Ingredient Training

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CPD Accredited professional skincare & cosmeceutical ingredient online training


This training course will teach you about cosmeceuticals and their scientific ingredients and how to prescribe the correct home care products for specific skin conditions. 


This course covers: 

What are cosmeceuticals 

The difference between cosmetics and cosmeceuticals 

Skin Science

Structure of the skin

Cosmeceutical ingredients  Retinol / L Ascorbic (Scientific names)

Skin assessment 

Skin Conditions 

Tailored skincare treatment plans 

Home care products  

Business and marketing 

Maximise your business with clinical and home care 

Social Media training 

Entry level requirement 

For anyone starting out their career in aesthetics, beauty therapy,

nurse, dentist, doctor, pharmacist.

Medics and non medics

If your qualification does not appear, please do contact us.

Clinical homecare set up package with this training course £399+ VAT

LABthetics homecare clinical homecare starter package includes everything you need to introduce cosmeceutical aesthetic products into your clinic with our easy to use un complicated capsule collections.

CPD Home Care Training Course

Digital Product training manual 

LABthetics cleanser 

LABthetics Toner  

LABthetics Zinc oxide moisturiser   

LABthetics Aloe vera moisturiser   

LABthetics Restorative serum 

LABthetics Hyaluronic acid serum 

LABthetics Antioxidant 5% serum  

LABthetics Antioxidant 10% serum 

LABthetics Vitamin A cream step 1 

LABthetics Vitamin A cream step 2 

LABthetics Vitamin A cream step 3 

LABthetics Vitamin A cream step 4 

LABthetics Vitamin A cream step 5 

LABthetics Vitamin A cream step 6 

LABthetics Enzyme peel mask 

LABthetics mask brush

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